Tips for Moving Your Aging Parent into your Home

Recently, I worked with a family in a state of physical and emotional transition. The adult child had finally convinced her aging mom, who had begun suffering from dizzy spells and resultant falls, and even fractured a wrist, to make a permanent move to a safer place: her household—which included a husband and three active kids.

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For this adult child and her husband, both working full time and raising their own family, moving Mom into their home seemed the easiest solution for keeping her safe.

But as everyone soon discovered, this endeavor would be anything but easy… for anyone. Continue reading “Tips for Moving Your Aging Parent into your Home” »

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Healthcare and Medical Insurance Scams Against Senior Citizens

As outlined in my most recent blog post, senior citizens have become a target group for today’s high-tech, savvy criminals, who do their brand of stealing via the internet. This particular posting highlighted the dangers of identity theft through website, malware and email phishing scams, as well as what our aging parents can learn to do to guard against such online attacks.

Unfortunately, my research on this topic led me to a bevy of other modern-day scams targeting the elderly. So great is this problem that organizations including the FBI, Scambusters and the National Council on Aging now list fraud against seniors as a subsection of its own—an offshoot from other known scams and online criminal activity affecting the majority population. Continue reading “Healthcare and Medical Insurance Scams Against Senior Citizens” »

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Gone Phishing: How to Avoid a Crisis of Identity (Theft)

With age comes wisdom… except, perhaps, for many senior citizens still growing accustomed to the ever-burgeoning age of technology.

While the Internet has brought global connection to our fingertips, it has also made seniors a glaring target for Internet thieves, most notably those behind the growing number of phishing scams aimed directly at our aging parents. Continue reading “Gone Phishing: How to Avoid a Crisis of Identity (Theft)” »

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Caring for a parent despite the past

I received a phone call the other day, during which the caller posed this question to me: “Rabbi Saulson,” she asked, “Am I obligated to care for my aging father—a man who behaved viciously to my mother, my siblings and me throughout our lives?” Continue reading “Caring for a parent despite the past” »

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Planning For the Year Ahead With Your Aging Mom and Dad

With the start of a brand new year, it’s time to re-evaluate the needs of your aging mom and dad. A few minutes’ time invested on the front end will pay off in less stress on you, the adult caregiver, and even more important, in the knowledge that your parents’ care will not fall through the cracks of your own busy life.

Everyone’s family situation is different, of course, but here is a basic list of areas to consider: Continue reading “Planning For the Year Ahead With Your Aging Mom and Dad” »

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Summer Safety Tips

Now that the heat of summertime has descended over most of the country like a heavy wool blanket, I thought it would be good to review some safety tips, specifically geared toward the elderly. According to the CDC, of the roughly 3,500 people who die from the effects of heat exhaustion each year, the elderly (and the aging) are those who are most at risk.

By now you are aware of the fact that you are no longer dealing with your mom or dad at their peak physical form, and yet you may also still have a mobile, active family to consider this summer as well. How can you handle both? Continue reading “Summer Safety Tips” »

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Eugeria Radio Interviews Founder of Moving Parents

Scott Saulson, Founder of Moving ParentsJoining us on his birthday, Rabbi Scott Saulson has been around the world a few times…literally!  Born in Michigan and raised in Miami Beach, Rabbi Saulson returned to his roots to earn his degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  After college he spent time in the Peace Corps in Micronesia (a group of islands in the western Pacific Ocean).  He returned to the US to continue his education, earning an MA from Miami University, and then attending seminary at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.  Launching his rabbinic career, Rabbi Saulson served congregations in Israel, Guatemala and South Africa.  Upon returning to the US, he became the Community Chaplain at Jewish Family & Career Services, serving them for 14 years.  In 2007, Rabbi Saulson founded Moving Parents, an organization that “helps adult children and their parents get unstuck so they can move beyond where they ever imagined.”  To find out more, please visit his website at  You can also reach him via telephone at (770) 335-2311.

CLICK HERE to read the full article and listen to the interview!

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It Takes a Village

Greetings! I wanted to take a moment to welcome back loyal readers of my blog, where I note newsworthy topics relating to the subject of aging parents and the “sandwich generation” taking care of them today. I am looking forward to my renewed blogging schedule, so please keep checking back (or sign up for my RSS feed on my Home page) for updated posts.

It takes a village: an alternative to assisted living?
Continue reading “It Takes a Village” »

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How to put the Jingle back in your Holiday Bells

How to put the Jingle back in your Holiday Bells: Advice for Stressed-out Caregivers this Holiday Season

According to a poll on, an online community for folks who are caring for their aging parents, the pressures of the holiday season reap more stress on this particular category of people from Thanksgiving through the New Year holiday than at any other time during the year. The results of this poll are downright scary: Continue reading “How to put the Jingle back in your Holiday Bells” »

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Taking Away the Keys: 10 Signs that it’s time

According to statistics, two distinct populations are responsible for most car crashes in the United States: teenage drivers and the elderly.  The elderly are far more likely to suffer or cause fatalities in these accidents (at the rate of 60-70 percent more), due to the physical side effects of aging.  These physical side effects include hearing loss, vision loss and impairment, as well as slower reaction times and dexterity due to medications, chronic illness and/or the natural process of growing older. Make no mistake; these issues will impact a person’s driving skills. The question is: “When?”

Continue reading “Taking Away the Keys: 10 Signs that it’s time” »

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